About Me

Vernon L. Williams is a personal development coach, speaker and author. Having achieved success despite several problems (workplace conflict, job layoff, financial challenges, death of his wife, to name a few), Vernon helps Christians triumph over their problems and achieve their goals.

Vernon has a Master's Degree in Applied Behavioral Science from Johns Hopkins University. He completed a one year program of Biblical counseling methods taught by Pastor Brent T. Brooks, a graduate of the Dallas Theological Seminary and the founding pastor of Grace Community Church.

Vernon is the author of seven books: Rejoice through Problems: 13 Steps to VictoryThe Power to Rejoice: 21 Days to Victory Over Your Problems, Top 7 Myths That Perpetuate Stress (And How To Dispel Them), 425 Ways to Stretch Your $$$$, 3 Rules that Guarantee Financial Success, Paddle Your Own Boat: 10 Rules that Guarantee Career Success and Why Employees Fail to Meet Performance Expectations & How to Fix the Problem.



To be the trusted leader in helping Christians to triumph over their problems.


To help Christians triumph over their problems, be who God created them to be and do what God created them to do.


We are victors, not victims.